Material development status of safety shoe soles


Safety shoe sole material classification

Polyurethane (PU)

The simple safety shoe sole material is an outsole made of single-density polyurethane. PU soles must have two tasks: the first, it must make people feel comfortable and light, and the second, how safe is it, such as non-slip. In fact, it is difficult to combine these two functions. In most cases, only one of these functions can work properly.

The density of polyurethane sole is about 0.8g/CM3, and it is usually used in shoes in our daily life. Single-density shoes are simple and efficient to produce, but the products are still high-grade commercial shoes.

For more than 20 years, a dual-density polyurethane shoe has been produced in the footwear industry using a machine that can be directly injection molded.

The combination of two characteristic outsoles and midsoles such as lightweight, comfortable and compact polyurethane shoes is possible. The completely dense structure can be used to produce outsole materials, which have greater abrasion resistance, and give good slip and grease resistance. You can use this system to produce a polyurethane foam midsole. This shoe will be more comfortable to wear and easier to carry.

The production of shoes is different from the processing of single-density shoes. In the first step, the dense outsole needs to be injected into a closed mold. After a certain period of response, the upper part of the midsole and the outsole are injection molded, and a simple shoe pattern is successfully produced through the adhesion of the sole and the upper.

In most cases, this combination of materials is used in the safety footwear industry, where you want to look comfortable, but also have great features. But in casual footwear, you can also find many interesting designs that use a combination of polyurethane/polyurethane materials. The density of the dense sole is 0.9g/CM3, and the density of the midsole is 0.45g/CM3.

For safety shoes, the combination of the two layers exceeds the required standard, and the midsole can be made of a thinner layer.

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