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After years of operation, MKsafety® Safety Shoes Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in introducing microfiber leather into the production of safety protection shoes, leading the entire frontier market of safety protection shoes. For many people in the industry, MKsafety® safety shoes are basically equivalent to taste, technology, and safety. For purchasing mid-to-high-end safety shoes, the first thing that comes to mind is MKsafety® safety shoes. Chen Lejing, general manager of MKsafety®, is not overly concerned about the achievements of MKsafety®. He said that MKsafety®’s achievements in microfiber fashion safety shoes are entirely based on long-term persistence and innovation.

After the “Synthetic Leather for Protective Shoes” (QB/T4044-2010) industry standard came into effect on October 1, 2010, MKsafety® Safety Shoes Co., Ltd., a well-known domestic manufacturer of safety shoes, also took aim at the ultra-fine Fiber leather, took the lead in introducing microfiber leather into the production of safety shoes in October 2011. MKsafety® started to contact and was optimistic about introducing microfiber leather into the field of safety protection shoes, but there was no microfiber safety shoes in the market at that time. After many years of timely and accurate promotion of microfiber leather, MKsafety® has made microfiber safety shoes widely recognized in the market, and MKsafety® microfiber fashion safety shoes have therefore become synonymous with microfiber safety shoes.

Microfiber leather is definitely a material type that is difficult to make in the microfiber series. Manager Chen introduced to reporters that superfine microfibers with excellent quality look high-grade, feel good, have uniform color, and will not migrate. It is not easy to meet these requirements. For enterprises, production and development are easy, but to make good microfiber leather, excellent and professional manufacturers are indispensable. Huafeng Group is currently cooperating with MKsafety® for a long time. The microfiber leather produced is second to none in terms of quality and grade.

The price of raw materials from 2010 to 2011 is like a roller coaster. After the sharp price increase in the first half of the year, the only profit in the protective footwear market has been almost drained. In this case, conservativeness is definitely a dead end. As a benchmark company leading the microfiber safety shoes market, MKsafety® will never make such a mistake. In response, Mr. Chen said: “On May 1, 2012, MKsafety® will promote the latest Anbang microfiber fashion safety shoes to the market to expand the mid-range market.”

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