MKsafety® launches durable series of safety shoes

MKsafety® - MK0581 - High top brown suede leather men's steel toe combat boots

As everyone’s work and life changes, people working in special environments find that they need a pair of more durable shoes, but often the shoes they buy in the market cannot meet their needs. Frequent cracking of the bottom, peeling, broken top, and bad bottom when the glue is opened. MKsafety® revealed at the press conference of the Executive Council of the China Labor Protection Industry Association in 2021: MKsafety® has developed a durable series of safety shoes for extremely harsh environments, targeting high temperatures, strong acids and alkalis, high oil stains, metal debris, and glass pieces. Wait for a product series developed in a complex environment to meet customer needs.

1. No glue: 360-degree hand stitching to ensure the adhesion of the safety shoes

2. Constant bottoming: Malaysia imported natural rubber + patented formula has good toughness and constant bottoming

3. No peeling: Progress imported first-layer buffalo leather, soft and comfortable without peeling

The composite sole combined with the stud design provides excellent driving force for the feet, so the grip is very good. The tread looks much deeper than many more expensive brands, so it should ensure a long life. This may also be due to the quality of the sutures. On the farm, this pair of boots can inspire your confidence, even in difficult terrain or when your feet are a little slippery.

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