Life of safety shoes

Safety shoes are a kind of work shoes that are worn to protect workers from physical and chemical injuries during work. Many companies want to know the national standards for the service life of safety shoes. As a safety shoe manufacturer, I will talk to you about the service life of safety shoes today.

In the new national standard of safety shoes GB21148-2020, there is no clear requirement for the service life of safety shoes. Enterprises should determine the service life of safety shoes according to the working environment of the enterprise.

For operating environments with relatively harsh environments, such as oil fields, chemicals, steel plants, outdoor operations, electroplating workshops, etc., because of the strong corrosiveness, acidity and alkalinity, many workers wear new safety shoes for 3 months.

For workers in the north, because of the large temperature difference between summer and winter, safety shoes are generally changed every six months. In spring and summer, they wear perforated and breathable safety shoes, and in autumn and winter they wear safety shoes with cotton.

For a better working environment, the work intensity is not large and the wear is not much, and it can be replaced once every 1 to 3 years.

Different safety shoes have different sole materials. Safety shoes with rubber soles have a longer service life than safety shoes with PU (polyurethane) soles.

Special attention is needed. If the safety shoes are damaged, corroded, smashed, or punctured, the safety shoes must be tested in time if the safety shoes are damaged, corroded, smashed, or punctured. If the condition is tested, it can be sent back to the manufacturer for testing, or it can be directly replaced with new safety shoes.

Finally, to summarize, the national standard for the service life of safety shoes does not specify a time. The manufacturer recommends generally not more than 6 months, and the longest recommendation is not more than 1 year. If it is damaged, check or replace it in time.

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