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Safe production is a prerequisite for chemical production. Because there are many flammable, explosive, toxic, and corrosive substances in chemical products, many high-temperature, high-pressure equipment, complex processes, and strict operating requirements, if management is improper or errors occur in production, Accidents such as fire, explosion, poisoning, or burns may occur, affecting the normal production, or even destroying the entire factory. Countless facts tell us that without a safe production basis, modern labor cannot develop in a healthy and normal manner.

Safe production is the guarantee of chemical production. To give full play to the advantages of modern chemical production, safe production must be realized to ensure long-term continuous and safe operation of production. Accidents will cause enterprises to fail to operate normally, affect production capacity, and cause certain economic losses. Safe production is the key to chemical production. The development of new chemical products and the trial production of new products must solve the problem of safe production, otherwise they cannot enter actual production.

Analysis of the cause of the accident
1) The instability of raw materials determines that there are many accidents; 2) There are many accidents in the production process; 3) The equipment is damaged and causes explosion and leakage; 4) There are many accidents caused by man-made qualities such as illegal operation and illegal command.


After media isolation, replacement, temperature reduction, pressure reduction and other processes are carried out on the maintenance equipment, strict confirmation and testing shall be carried out, and the inlet hole shall be disassembled when safety is ensured. The disassembly shall be carried out slowly, and try to avoid the side of the inlet hole to prevent liquid If it can not be disassembled, new entry holes and hand holes should be opened in a safe manner for the purpose of the equipment.

Wear anti-static work clothes, anti-static safety shoes or acid and alkali resistant safety shoes, acid and alkali resistant protective boots. Safety helmets must ensure that the buckle of the hat is tight, the hat and the head should be worn properly, and the safety gloves should be worn correctly. Static electricity and anti-smash safety shoes. When working in a tower with conditions, try to lay some asbestos boards or rubber at the bottom of the tower in the operating range, so that it is non-slip and prevents direct contact between people and equipment.

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