Among the measures to ensure personal safety and safe production in mines, mine ventilation is of great significance.

In order to achieve the purpose of mine ventilation, each mine must have at least two wellheads, one for air intake and one for return air, and a ventilator is installed at the head of the return air. This is called mechanical ventilation at the mine head. The mine is based on this kind of ventilation. The machine sends fresh air from the ground to various working places in the well, and relies on it to discharge the dirty air and harmful gases from the well to the ground.

In order to distribute the fresh air to various work sites as needed, ventilation structures such as wind walls, dampers, and wind bridges are set up in the various tunnels underground according to the needs of ventilation. In some roadways, there are also adjustable wind windows to adjust the air volume. These ventilated structures are necessary means to ensure that the fresh air volume is delivered to the various wind-using locations as required. For example, when the inlet and return air meet at the same place, in order to separate the inlet and the return air, a wind bridge must be installed at this location; To cut off wind flow, a damper needs to be installed at a certain point in the roadway, etc. Therefore, after anyone passes the damper, he must close the damper. When a vehicle passes through the air door, it is important not to open two adjacent air doors at the same time, otherwise it will cause a short circuit of the wind flow, so that some places will not get enough fresh air.

Underground ventilation facilities such as air ducts, dampers, wind bridges, and wind barriers are important infrastructure for providing fresh air for miners, preventing gas accumulation and preventing gas accidents. Once these ventilation facilities are damaged, the air flow may be turbulent and cause gas accidents. , Causing heavy casualties; therefore, one is to consciously take care of the underground ventilation facilities, and the other is to close the air door immediately when passing through the air door. Do not open the two air doors at the same time to avoid short circuit of the air flow. When the ventilation facilities are found to be damaged, work abnormally or insufficient air volume, they must report it in time and repair it.

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