The power industry will encounter the following problems in the production process:

1. Live work, including high voltage and low voltage live work

2. High-altitude operations, mainly for maintenance and repair of high-voltage cables

3. Sudden emergency operations, such as sulfur hexafluoride leakage, etc.


The electric power industry can choose safety helmets with insulation function. Usually we recommend using ABS safety helmets. ABS has good insulation properties.

Insulated shoes

It is suitable for the environment with more electric current, and it is a safety shoe that isolates the current from passing through the human body through the contact point to prevent the human body from getting an electric shock.

Eye protection arc-proof face screen

If arcs are encountered during operation, it is recommended to equip an arc-proof face shield. The anti-arc visor is different from the ordinary anti-impact visor and cannot be replaced.

Respiratory protection full face mask

The main gas encountered in the power industry is sulfur hexafluoride, but sulfur hexafluoride itself is not toxic, but once it encounters high-voltage electricity, it will decompose into a variety of inorganic gases. It is generally recommended to use a full face mask for protection.

Body protective insulation clothing

This type of protective clothing can be used if possible.

Electric power operations, not only platform operations, but also climbing and positioning operations, all require seat belts.

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