Operators must wear safety shoes to work

comfortable safety shoes

Welders must wear work clothes, insulated safety shoes, and protective sunglasses before they can work. On the morning of the 26th, three welders did not wear insulated shoes as required and went to work.

The reporter entered the company with the inspectors, and no safety line was drawn on the floor of the production workshop. In the welder’s work area, three workers are welding next to the electric welder. “Welders can only work if they have a “Special Operator Operating Certificate”. Have you participated in the training? Do you have an “Operation Certificate”?” the inspector asked one of the welders. “I have a copy of the “Operation Permit”, the original is kept by the factory security officer.” The workers said. The inspectors found that none of the three welders were wearing insulated shoes in accordance with China’s work shoes regulations.

“The company will issue insulated shoes to welders every two years. There are 4 welders in the company, and these people should wear insulated shoes.” Upon learning that the inspectors had arrived at the factory, Wang Chunming, the deputy safety manager of the factory, ran from the office to the workshop. . “Workers may find it too hot and wear shoes more casually.” Wang Chunming said, returning to the office to find the “operating permits” of these welders. “How many employees does the company have, and have they established employee health records? Do special operators such as electricians, road operators, and welders have established management files for special operators?” Faced with these problems, Wang Chunming said frankly that neither of these files have been established yet. In terms of employee physical examinations, special operators must regularly participate in the training of the safety supervision department in order to obtain certificates. Before the training, the company will arrange physical examinations for these employees. For employees in other positions, it is not currently possible to arrange physical examinations on a regular basis. For hidden dangers discovered, the company will immediately carry out rectification.

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