Other features of safety shoes besides safety protection

foot protection

In addition to the basic foot protection, safety shoes also have some other features to help everyone better understand and adopt safety shoes products. Next, people will take everyone to actually understand other safety shoes besides the maintenance function. Features:


1. The internal support point of the midsole

If employees have to move in multiple directions in various office environments, then the safety shoes are required to be very strong. Some manufacturers use a shaped midsole when making safety shoes, so that the feet can crawl inside the shoes properly, and the other, the chemical fibers along the shoes for seven days can also show support points.

2. Cushioning

The basic impact of work causes unique working pressure, which is usually equal to the multiple of its own weight, so excellent cushioning characteristics are necessary. The midsole of a good safety shoe is made of compression-molded EVA or polyurethane material, which is conducive to dispersing this type of impact force.

3. Removable sole

The sole also has the necessary cushioning characteristics, and it is easily damaged. There is a basic standard for the replacement of the soles when the service life of the shoes is more than half of the time. There is a basic replacement standard: after 150 hours of aerobics, the sole will lose its elasticity, and the sole should be replaced at this time.

4. Scalability

The malleability of safety shoes is determined by the feeling of the feet during fitness exercises. Putting only the front heel plywood has stronger flexibility than the safety shoes that use the overall plywood design concept, and the low-top work shoes can also improve the flexibility.

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