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The provision and use of personal protective equipment is an important measure for enterprises to protect workers from accidents and occupational hazards during the production process, and to protect their safety and health during the production process. Enterprises should formulate a complete set of labor protection supplies management system, so that protective supplies can function correctly in a controlled state, and effectively guarantee the safety and health of production personnel.
A complete set of personal protective equipment use management system should be based on the principle of safety and effectiveness, which is reflected in the following aspects, to achieve complete content, clear goals, clear responsibilities, and daily follow-up and assessment in place to ensure that all links can be provided when problems occur Effective written evidence.
1. Establish and improve the management system of personal protective equipment
1.Strengthen safety protection skills training
Employees of the enterprise have established safety responsibility awareness by learning relevant laws and regulations and receiving safety management knowledge training. Safety management personnel should pass training to clarify the key prevention goals of the enterprise, master advanced safety management methods; train employees on the use of personal protective equipment, and master the correct selection and storage of labor protection equipment. Through appropriate training methods such as guidance, demonstrations, and employee trials, and both verbally and in writing, tell each worker who needs to wear labor protection equipment: ①Why personal protective equipment must be used; ②When and where it needs to be used; ③How to use; ④How to keep; ⑤Precautions in use. Ensure the correct use of labor protection equipment, so that everyone understands and can use all the purposes.
2. Establish standardized operating procedures
Safety work is a systematic project. Any broken link may cause an accident. This requires the establishment of standard operating procedures, and strictly follow the operating procedures, and wear labor protection equipment strictly as required. In order to further improve the level of “standardized management and standardized operation” at the production site, strengthen the discipline and order of the production site, cultivate the military style of management and production personnel, strengthen the construction of internal quality, and establish the corporate brand image, it is necessary to organize training for relevant personnel Study, emphasize the importance of occupational safety work, make the distribution and purchase of labor protection supplies further standardized and rigid requirements, so that the grassroots units will implement safety in production, the allocation and use of labor protection supplies, and effectively protect the health rights of employees.
3. Strengthen the safety management of temporary operations
Temporary operations such as emergency repairs are often prone to accidents due to tight schedules and unfamiliar environments. Safety management personnel should organize workers to identify all possible hazards before operation, and wear labor protection equipment for hazards before proceeding. Never risk operations without labor protection or improper protection.
2. Use and maintain your own personal protective equipment correctly
As the saying goes, take precautions before they happen. Labor protection equipment is a safety barrier for workers, and it is very important to wear labor protection equipment that meets the standards correctly. Labor protection products are designed to protect against specific risk factors. On each workplace or equipment where hazardous factors are identified, the labor protection equipment that needs to be worn should be clearly marked. Marking can eliminate the doubt of workers about whether to wear labor protection equipment, and remind employees that they must wear protective equipment here.
1. Provide an appropriate storage place for personal protective equipment
Specify where and how to store it. If you cannot directly see the labor protection equipment stored inside, you should accurately and conspicuously mark the name and quantity of the stored labor protection equipment outside the storage location, and ensure that it is convenient to access and inventory. Return to place in time after use.
2. Maintenance and replacement of safety protection products
The user shall distribute the personal protective equipment in accordance with the equipment file. The distribution form shall indicate the product name, specification, quantity, date of receipt, expiration date and other items, and the receipt can be issued only after being confirmed and signed by the recipient.
The use efficiency of any personal protective equipment may decrease with time and repeated use. In order to ensure the normal use of personal protective equipment, correct maintenance is very necessary. For this reason, a maintenance plan should be established. Designate relevant personnel to be responsible for the maintenance of personal protective equipment, so that all workers who use it know how to store, clean and maintain it regularly, and who should be responsible for problems. Provide material support for cleaning, such as providing good flushing and cleaning facilities.
3. Daily supervision is the guarantee for the effective operation of the system
The hazards in the workplace do not cause death, injury and disease every day. This often gives the production staff the illusion that labor protection products are not needed. Therefore, improve the safety awareness of the workers and strengthen it in conjunction with corresponding management methods. Management is very necessary. For example: For electric power production personnel, the safety measures to prevent electric shock during construction include: grounding protection, insulation protection, leakage protection, etc. When the above protection fails at the same time, the operator wears insulating clothing, insulating gloves, and insulation. Labor protection articles such as shoes become a safety barrier to protect operators. For the substation operation site, the staff are required to wear anti-electromagnetic radiation clothing during operation, testing, and maintenance, and to wear automatic power frequency electromagnetic field early warning devices during inspections.
All full-time (part-time) safety management personnel should regularly inspect different workplaces to identify hidden hazards and unsafe behaviors, including checking whether labor protection equipment is not used in positions that require the use of labor protection equipment. The safety inspector must correct the wrong behavior immediately after discovering the problem and write a written record of the unsafe situation. Workers who use labor protection equipment correctly should be encouraged, and those who do not use labor protection equipment should be criticized and educated, and be persistent.
Before supervision and inspection, preparations such as personnel training, inspection plans, and checklists should be made, the purpose, scope, time, and participants of the inspection should be clarified, and problems found during the inspection should be rectified in a timely manner. The results are summarized and evaluated. In view of the unsuitability, imperfection, dissatisfaction, and deficiencies in each link, combined with the unit’s resource situation, improvement goals are proposed for each link. Through the improvement bit by bit, the ideal state is gradually reached.
Personal protective equipment is an important work link in labor protection work, and an important line of defense and barrier to ensure the safety and health of production personnel. Only when enterprises and employees establish a people-oriented concept, maintain a sense of crisis at all times, and rule first, can they effectively avoid all problems. Only when such accidents happen can we talk about safe production and harmonious and orderly production.

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