summer safety shoes

summer safety shoes

In summer, the temperature is very high and there is a lot of rain, especially for outdoor jobs. There are high requirements for the performance of safety shoes. According to the working environment, especially for outdoor workers, factories and enterprises will equip workers with summer safety shoes. The styles of summer safety shoes are general and four seasons. Different from general safety shoes, the upper design will be perforated or use mesh cloth similar materials to improve ventilation performance.

Because summer work shoes last for a long time and are more prone to sweating than in winter, it is often necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of work shoes to improve the service life of cotton shoes. The following tips for wearing safety shoes in summer at Puqibeian are for reference only:

1. No matter what kind of summer work shoes can not be worn continuously, you should pay more attention to those who are prone to sweating. It is best to rotate two pairs every other day. If only one pair is issued by the safety department, they should be placed in a ventilated place during work breaks. Let it dry. In summer, as long as it doesn’t rain, it’s easier to dry, but you should pay attention to cleaning the dust in your work shoes in time.

2. Wear safety shoes in summer. For comfort, it is recommended to wear sweat-absorbing cotton socks.

3. Change your socks frequently during work breaks, and it is best to scrub your safety shoes to prevent the growth of mold.

4. Regarding summer safety shoes, for the time being after the change of season, when you are not wearing them, you must scrub the surface of the shoes and dry them in a ventilated place for a few days. Put some moisture-absorbing desiccant in the given shoe box. In short, avoid damp and mildew when the next summer arrives. Avoid putting it in the basement. My shoes have been moldy because they were put in the basement. Basically, I can’t brush it up! Keep in mind

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