Safety factor of work shoes

safety shoes

(1) Working pressure resistance: Laser cut the shoe tip 30mm behind the inner toe cap and even the upper sole. Place on the service platform of the pressure testing machine with a range deviation of 1%. Put a cylinder of colored clay with a height of (20±2)mm (below size 250 shoes), (25±2)mm (above size 250 shoes) and a diameter of (25±2)mm in the toe. Then apply force to the specified force at a rate of (5 ± 2) mm/min. After unloading the force, remove the reduced color mud, use a dial gauge to accurately measure the aspect ratio, and accurately measure the actual value with the smallest number of bits. Its value should meet the requirements.

(2) Impact resistance: Put the toe of the shoe with inner toe cap and the cylindrical colored mud under the impact machine, fix the toe of the tested shoe, and increase the impact hammer (20kg) to the specified aspect ratio. Free-fall impact toe. Take off the colored mud and use a dial gauge to accurately measure the value, and its value should meet the requirements.

(3) Regulations on the working pressure and impact resistance of the inner toe cap: The experiment method is the same as the shoe toe test method, and the deformation interval of the inner toe cap should meet the relative regulations after the experiment.

(4) Anti-corrosion regulations of the inner toe cap: The inner toe cap can be eroded due to sweating and clammy feet, which will affect the quality of the shoes. Therefore, the inner toe cap should have corrosion resistance. The rule is to use two milky white filter papers (width 100m, length 150mm), one side of which is infiltrated into the 1% NaCl aqueous solution, and the other end is placed on the upper and lower sides of the inner cap.

After 48 hours, remove the filter paper, check the mark of the toe cap etched by the NaCl solution, and accurately measure the total area of ​​each black spot. It is stipulated that the etched black spots shall not exceed 5 points, and each spot shall not exceed 2.5 mm².

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