Safety performance standards for work shoe products

anti-smash safety shoes

anti-smash safety shoes

The safety performance and physical performance standards of work shoes are actually not complicated. Saou work shoes are summarized as follows:

Impact resistance test (mm): Impact hammer 23kg, drop height 900mm after impact, shoe inner gap ≥15
Pressure resistance test (mm): After the pressure resistance test of 15KN, the shoe inner gap ≥ 15
puncture resistance (N): special grade: ≥1100 (environmental conditions 18-28℃)
Insulation performance test (6KV): Test voltage 6KV, duration 2min,
Leakage current<5mA
Anti-static performance test (Ω): resistance value 105Ω-109Ω
Oil resistance: resistance to gasoline, kerosene, transformer oil and trimethylpentane solvents,
High temperature resistance performance: low heat resistance type, heat resistance temperature 150±5℃

Outsole thickness (mm)
The thickness of any part of the sole ≥ 6
Outsole wear resistance (mm)
Outsole folding resistance (mm)
Peel strength (N/cm)
Outsole hardness (Shore A)

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