leather work boots

1. Brand selection:

Choose a safety shoe brand that meets or exceeds the requirements of national standards;

Choose a brand with the following logo. Including: LA Labor Safety Mark, QS Quality Mark, Compliant Safety Standard Number, Safety Shoes Type, Shoe Size, Production Date, Manufacturer’s Mark and Name;

Choose a brand with good quality and user reputation.

2. Shoe size selection:

First, you must go to the correct posture: your legs are parallel, the weight is evenly divided, and you should try on in an upright position. If you feel pinched or uncomfortable, it is recommended to try on safety shoes that are one size larger;

There must be a certain amount of space for movement in the toe, toe, and toes, so as to be comfortable to wear;

The size of the left and right feet of a person is not exactly the same, so please refer to the data of the larger foot for selection. Generally speaking, a person’s feet are the largest in the afternoon, and it is recommended that you try them on in the afternoon;

Please try it on a hard ground for the first time. A ground that is too soft will give you a wrong feeling;

If the instep is high, wide and fat, and flat, you should choose safety shoes one size larger.

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