Safety shoe packaging is also very particular about how much do you know?

1. Anti-deformation
Efforts can be made on the materials and workmanship of the shoe box, or changes can be made on the paper ball inside the shoe.

2. Moisture-proof
The most common way is to put a moisture-proof agent (desiccant). There are many kinds of desiccants on the market. The footwear industry mainly includes silica gel desiccants, activated carbon, clay, mineral desiccants, biochemical desiccants, and anti-mildew and antibacterial packages (Giannis fourth-generation desiccants). The price of silica gel desiccant is relatively low, but the active moisture absorption, passive moisture absorption capacity is poor, the saturation is not large, and it is greatly affected by the size and sealing of the moisture-proof space. Activated carbon, can play the role of moisture and deodorizing, moisture resistance general, clays, mineral desiccant moisture resistance is 1.5 times the normal silicone, the price is relatively low. The biochemical desiccant is based on clay and mineral desiccant, adding chemical principles, and the moisture resistance can reach more than 2 times. The anti-mildew and anti-bacterial bag is an improvement on the original biochemical desiccant of Ganis, adding anti-mildew, anti-bacterial and deodorizing functions.

3, anti-mildew
There are also several ways to prevent mildew on shoes. 1. Put desiccant. 2. Spray anti-mold agent. 3. Stick anti-mold patch. 4. Pack anti-mold wrapping paper. 5. Set of anti-mildew cloth bags. Desiccant is greatly affected by time and environment. Among the above methods, the anti-mold ability is the lowest. Spraying with an anti-mold agent has a better anti-mold effect, but sometimes due to uneven spraying, non-standard operations such as packaging before drying, the anti-mold ability is unsatisfactory. The effect of sticking an anti-mold sheet is also obvious, but it is only effective in a relatively closed space due to the influence of the storage space, and it is basically ineffective for poor airtightness. Anti-mold wrapping paper is to replace the original paper with anti-mildew paper. Its anti-mildew effect is basically the same as spraying with anti-mold agent. It will not appear to be dry and put into the box. The anti-mold non-woven bag is to replace the packaging paper with a non-woven bag, and its anti-mold effect and function are similar to that of the packaging paper.

4, anti-fouling
A pair of white shoes is soiled not only affects the appearance, but also reduces the value, which is a loss to the shoe factory. There are several ways to prevent stains. One is material treatment, which costs a lot. The second is spraying water-repellent on the shoes to prevent stains caused by air condensation. The third is wrapping paper, and the fourth is no cover. Spun bags.

5, deodorant
The reasons for the odor are: 1. The materials of the shoes and the dyes, glue, rubber, etc. used. 2. Maladies and odors produced during the growth of microorganisms. 3. Individual special taste mildew patch. Deodorant can be activated carbon, mildew-proof and antibacterial bag, spray deodorant, odor mask and so on.
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