anti-smashing work shoes

1. The leather of work shoes is generally: natural leather is real leather, which has pores. Generally, when it is difficult to see clearly with the eyes, you can press the leather surface with your thumb to check whether there are fine skin lines beside the thumb. There are fine lines, fine lines disappear after letting go, and the surface of leather shoes is plump and elastic, which is better natural leather. Larger and deeper wrinkles are natural leather with poor cortex. If there are no fine lines, most of them are not natural leather, including two-layer shaving film leather.

2. Another distinguishing feature of natural leather is the flaws on the leather surface. Generally, the upper of natural leather is on the inside of the shoe and other inconspicuous places. There are a few minor blemishes, such as uneven skin textures, bright boils, lice boils, etc. The cross-section of natural leather has three levels with different densities: the epidermis is very fine and flexible, with a dense dermis layer in the middle, and a relatively loose fleshy fiber layer underneath. And there is no obvious demarcation between layers.

3. In leather safety shoes, it is a reinforcing material used to prevent extension and deformation and improve the touch of the foot. The shoe material is required to have fine touch, breathability, excellent moisture absorption and desorption, and color retention. The middle and high-end leather shoes are all made of natural leather and cotton. If the upper is made of natural leather, the shoes are artificial substitute leather, which can only be regarded as low-end shoes. Most consumers ignore the selection and identification of materials in shoes, which is wrong.

4. After selecting the style and color of the work shoes, first check whether the material for the work shoe upper is genuine and meets the requirements. It is necessary to distinguish between genuine leather and fake leather, cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin or other leather. The cowhide has a smooth surface, fine particles and high strength. Pig skin has larger pores and rougher surface, and its appearance is not as good as cow leather. Sheepskin has a finer surface and a softer texture. Real leather feels astringent to the touch, while artificial leather is smoother.

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