MKsafety® safety shoes

If people don’t wear a safety helmet, when they suffer an accidental injury, because the head is injured, they are likely to cause serious injury or even death. However, if they don’t wear protective shoes, the injury will be much lighter. Rarely will be life-threatening. It is for this reason that the correct wearing of protective shoes is often ignored by workers. According to Luo Baihui, the operation supervisor of the Dongguan Knight Safety Shoe Material Factory, when a colleague went to the construction site for inspection, he found that many workers were wearing sneakers or even slippers. According to regulations, workers on construction sites must wear toe-protecting safety shoes according to their work needs to avoid crushing hard objects and metal objects from damaging their feet.
The lack of supervision is also one of the reasons for the inadequate foot protection. What kind of shoes should be worn by workers and what kind of protective function the shoes should have are not supervised by humans. Although some companies have safety officers to conduct inspections, their efforts are often insufficient, or safety officers cannot find that workers’ protective shoes are unqualified. Some workers think that the allotment of work clothes, shoes and hats by the unit is just for uniform dressing, or a kind of welfare, and some labor protection products are indeed no longer suitable for the needs of modern production, which has led to the long-term lack of attention to labor protection products, especially It is used for the protection of hands and feet, which seem to have nothing to do with the safety of life.
It is understood that, compared with other high-tech industries, the labor protection products industry has been underinvested and developed slowly for a long time. The high-tech and high-standard products produced by some enterprises are used for export. A person in charge of a protective equipment manufacturer said that they are not unwilling to sell products in the domestic market, but that domestic companies have made less investment in labor protection products and have not implemented the relevant national laws and regulations.
One problem that restricts the development of safety shoes is the cost of shoes. From the current background, the price acceptable to companies buying protective shoes is generally lower, and the low price determines the cost of the product, resulting in the quality of cheap protective shoes that cannot pass the barrier.

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