Safety shoes – some commonly used safety precautions

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1. Safety protection products – safety shoes
(1) Occupational safety and health protection products Eye and face protection products, head protection products, respiratory protection products, hearing protection products, hand and foot protection products, trunk protection products, fall protection products, safety shoes, etc.
(2) Functional clothing and fabrics, auxiliary and other protective products raw materials flame retardant, anti-static, waterproof, oil-proof, tooling and special protective clothing fabrics, accessories, general protective clothing fabrics and accessories, Kevlar fiber, ultra-high-strength polymer Raw materials such as ethylene.
2. Safety production equipment
(1) Safety production testing, testing instruments and equipment toxic and harmful gas detection, alarm and detection facilities, smoke, flammable gas, toxic and harmful materials detection, alarm and detection equipment, radiation, radioactive material measurement equipment, accident reconnaissance monitoring and information communication technology with equipment.
(2) Special safety facilities: mine safety, traffic safety, oil worker safety production equipment, machinery safety production protection device, elevator safety protection device, building safety equipment, electrical safety protection equipment, anti-static, anti-virus, dust-proof, anti-electric, fire-proof , Waterproof facilities.
3. Emergency rescue equipment
(1) Fire emergency rescue equipment: fire trucks, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire protective masks, fire emergency lights, safety isolation signs and equipment, etc.
(2) Earthquake emergency rescue equipment: drones, medical ambulances, engineering rescue vehicles, life detectors, self-rescue escape tools and equipment, earthquake-resistant transport ships, and rescue warning signs.
(3) Flood control emergency rescue equipment: rescue ships, assault boats, life jackets, flood control walls, etc.
(4) Mine emergency rescue equipment: mine alarm, escape, self-rescue equipment, rescue cabin, escape room, major disaster monitoring and early warning technology and equipment, emergency power supply (generator), etc.
(5) Emergency facilities: mobile satellite communication vehicles, emergency communication network systems, emergency command and dispatch, emergency communication equipment, and emergency lighting.
(6) Disaster relief materials: medical first aid supplies (first aid kits, first aid kits), food, drinking water, clothing, tents, etc.

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