MKsafety® - MK1035 - Black velcro design fashion men's lightweight safety shoes-3

There are various combinations of raw materials for the manufacture of safety shoe soles, and the soles produced by different combinations have different functions.

RU (rubber) is divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber according to raw materials. According to the shape, it is divided into block raw rubber, gelatin rubber, latex, liquid rubber and powder rubber. Latex is a colloidal water dispersion of rubber; liquid rubber is an oligomer of rubber, which is generally a viscous liquid before vulcanization; powder rubber is

The latex is processed into powder form to facilitate batching and processing. Ming rubber is divided into 2 kinds, one is translucent rubber, and the bottom of vulgar beef tendon. The other is pure transparent rubber, commonly known as glass glue. The following is a brief introduction to the current situation of domestic semi-transparent outsole.

Now many safety shoes manufacturers are producing beef tendon outsole. If they are manufactured according to the formal process and technology, it is estimated that few companies can meet the standard theoretical value of translucent outsole. There are many reasons for this, but the important thing is that the manufacturer is to save costs, and the second is how to do the opaque translucent outsole, and what are the technological processes.

In fact, most companies now do not have this technical ability to truly achieve translucent bottoms. Often, many companies are plagiarizing or copying or copying other people’s technical processes, which are barely translucent.

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