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With the rapid development of urban residences, residents’ demand for electricity is also increasing. High-voltage wires can be seen everywhere in areas with dense urban residents’ electricity load. The construction of high-voltage lines shows its importance. When constructing high-voltage lines, it is necessary for the staff to wear insulating multifunctional safety shoes to protect themselves and ensure safe construction.

There is a strong electric field around high-voltage transmission lines and high-voltage power distribution devices. If workers accidentally touch these objects with induced voltage when constructing overhead lines, they may be exposed to insulated safety shoes without wearing insulated safety shoes. Electricity damage.

Insulated safety shoes are suitable for environments with high currents. It isolates the current from passing through the human body through the contact point, and is a safety shoe to prevent electric shock to the human body. During work, it is a protective shoe that prevents the sole from being pierced by various sharp and hard objects, thereby preventing the foot from being injured.

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