Service life and replacement time of work shoes

What are safety shoes? It is a collective term for safety-level shoes and protective shoes, also called work shoes. Footwear with protective feet and legs can avoid predictable damage in different workplaces. Safety protective shoes belong to the new technology and high-efficiency footwear products. The manufacturing process of safety shoes has high regulations on raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, industrial equipment, etc.

There are no strict rules for changing work shoes. Main considerations: safety performance, comfort, quality. According to different uses, the factory chooses to buy safety shoes at a low price of 40-80/pair, but the material is almost leather, and the appearance of wax looks very beautiful, but in less than two months, there are basically no safety shoes Way, so it is recommended not to buy too cheap work shoes. The price range of 100-200 is the mainstream of the market, and there are generally national inspection certificates, which are covered by some insurance companies. Safe and reliable. Don’t pay for employee safety.

In terms of national standards and qualified products that meet the national labor protection standards, the country implements a three-guarantee policy, and the end and section of the product should be replaced within three months.

In practice, the service life of work shoes mainly depends on the working environment in which the work shoes are used. The user is in the state of use, and the environment can be used for one to three years. The environment is harsh, such as chemical plants and electroplating workshops, because it is extremely corrosive, and it takes about three months.

Should choose protective shoes and protective shoes according to the danger and degree of hazard of the working environment. Protective labor insurance shoes should have product qualification certificates and product specifications. Please read the instruction manual and use the correct method before use. Special protective shoes should be checked and kept clean, and stored in a dry and clean place.

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