Should I use shoe polish for work shoes?

leather work boots

We are surprised to use shoe polish in our lives, so do we need working leather shoes at work? Shoe polish can play a role in polishing, repairing leather shoes or boots, and strengthening its waterproof power, which can extend the life of working leather shoes. Shoe polish is usually wax oil or paste. The main components of shoe polish are paraffin wax and shellac. Shellac makes leather shoes soft, tough, and prolongs life. It is the main material for leather shoes to shine. Introduction of commonly used shoe polish

1. Emulsion shoe polish is currently the most common on the market and the one that people use most. It is especially suitable for wet and rainy areas. Emulsion shoe polish is mainly composed of wax, water and shellac oil. It is divided into oil-in-water type and oil-in-water type. There are two types of water-in-oil, suitable for general labor insurance shoes.

2. Oil-based shoe polish is mainly composed of wax and oil, and does not contain water. Therefore, it is more waterproof than the emulsion type, but if you use oil-based shoe polish for a long time, the leather color will become lighter. The combination of oil-based shoe polish and emulsion-based shoe polish has a better effect and is suitable for some high-end work leather shoes.

3. Liquid shoe polish is made of emulsified wax and water. This kind of shoe polish does not need to be wiped. It can brighten the leather just by applying it on leather shoes, which is suitable for some old labor protection shoes.

Finally, MKsafety® just one sentence: If we love our safety shoes, commonly known as work shoes, we must take care of them, clean them, and dry them for a long time. If the unit is profitable and hardworking, you don’t care, then No need to wipe any oil!

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