Summer work shoes with vent design

summer safety shoes

For many workers who need to wear safety shoes in summer, a pair of dull and heavy labor insurance shoes is more tiring than the work itself. There are many styles of summer labor insurance shoes on the market, and there are more breathable summer safety protection with holes. Shoes, it sounds like if you can wear a pair of labor insurance shoes in summer, it should be more breathable and comfortable, but is the summer labor insurance shoelace hole really suitable for you? Today, the editor of labor insurance shoes will give you the knowledge of summer labor insurance shoes that are related to everyone’s feet.

Is the summer labor insurance shoelace hole good?

summer safety shoes

There was a saying before: Existence is reasonable. So if you want to ask me: Is the summer labor insurance shoelace hole good? I can only say that it must be good in some respects. For example, in the case of some working conditions that are not very harsh, if you wear a pair of summer labor insurance shoes with holes in summer, it is simply a welfare for your feet, but not Not all working environments are relatively relaxed. There are always working environments that require strict safety shoes, such as outdoor masonry and oily workplaces. In these working environments, what we want The safety shoes you wear may be smash-resistant, non-slip, and puncture-resistant. If the lace holes in the labor insurance shoes in summer can easily cause damage to our feet, are the lace holes in the summer labor insurance shoes good? It still needs to be divided into occasions.

How can summer safety shoes be breathable and comfortable?

summer work shoes

If summer safety shoes cannot have holes, many people will wonder how can summer work shoes be breathable and comfortable? In fact, it is necessary to work hard on the fabric of the shoes. Under the premise that the working environment allows, the material of the upper can be breathable mesh, or breathable microfiber, breathable canvas and other materials. In addition to the material of the upper, it will affect the shoes. In addition to air permeability, insoles are also an influencing factor that can improve comfort. Labor insurance shoes are adapted to the corresponding insoles according to the working environment and wearing season of each type of labor insurance shoes.

Precautions for summer labor insurance shoelace holes

Regardless of whether the summer labor insurance shoes have holes, they must meet the requirements of the national standard GB21148-2020 for work shoes.

The selection of summer labor protection shoes must be combined with the actual working environment. Some customers said that the uppers of the labor protection shoes they purchased were damaged in large areas. After understanding, it turned out that their working environment and work intensity were not suitable for flying knitting. The labor insurance shoes were later replaced by Shouhu leather labor insurance shoes with holes, and there were no after-sales problems.

When wearing labor protection shoes in summer, it is easy to sweat on your feet, so you should change and wash and expose them frequently to reduce the growth of bacteria and protect your feet health.

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