Technical standards for safety shoes

safety shoes

Safety shoes are products developed and designed in China in the early 1980s. It is mainly used to protect the wearer from damage caused by accidents. It is equipped with a protective toe cap, which can show part of the toe for impact resistance and work pressure maintenance.

The usual technical standards for safety shoes:

(1) Structure: consists of steel toe cap, toe inner pad, leather upper, shoe eye, shoelace, shoe ear, shoe waist, heel protector, moon-shaped heel, shoe waist, shoe back pad, shoe sole, inner (Middle) bottom, core filling, forefoot bottom, etc.

(2) Outsole thickness: The thickness of the outsole (without tooth thickness) of immediate injection pressure, vulcanized rubber, and viscose is not less than 4mm; the full layer thickness of fully vulcanized rubber and fully polymerized materials is not less than 6mm and the thickness of (Texture) not less than 3mm, the height-to-width ratio of other materials should not be less than 2.5mm, and the thickness of any position of the shoe outsole without texture (tooth) is not less than 6mm.

(3) Appearance quality: There must be no obvious defects such as invalid surface, different color, heavy needle changing lane, missing thread, disconnection, uneven needle code, degumming, excessive sulfur, insufficient sulfur, sulfur injection, and inclined inner toe cap.

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