The development of safety shoes in the direction of lightness

MKsafety® - MK0411 - Yellow suede leather non slip steel toe pull on work boots

Most safety shoes contain steel heads and steel plates, which are used to prevent smashing and puncture, and play a role in protecting the feet. In this way, the safety shoes are thicker, more unfashionable, and some staff are unwilling to wear safety shoes (work shoes) to work. Work with your favorite casual shoes. It will pose a great safety hazard to the staff in the production and labor.

The series of safety shoes (work shoes) launched by MKsafety® in 2022 completely solve the problems of heavy, unsightly safety shoes and hot wearing in summer. The BREATH Polly series of safety shoes (work shoes) produced by MKsafety® company with new technology, creative design and new material of bionic microfiber will be a technological revolution in safety shoes. BREATH Polly safety shoes (work shoes) are safety shoes that can be directly washed and cleaned, and are also the lightest safety shoes on the market (only 0.7KG). However, such a design is not different from the previous safety shoes in terms of safety and comfort, and will be more beautiful. It will be a lightweight safety shoe with bionic breathing, a fashionable and classic safety shoe, and a safety shoe long-awaited by high-end users.

The successful birth of the MKsafety®REATH Polly series of safety shoes (work shoes) indicates a major progress in the safety shoe industry, and will herald the development of safety shoes in the direction of lightness and fashion. Anbang firmly believes that the innovative, technological, safe and fashionable BREATH Polly series safety shoes (work shoes) will become the vane of the development of the safety shoe industry!

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