The importance of puncture-proof work shoes quality and safety control

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In industrial production and life, there are requirements for wearing and wearing according to different production environments, such as dust-free workshops, you need to wear dust-free clothing to enter, and in mold production, construction site construction, machinery manufacturing and other places that are prone to punctures. To be put on.

Puncture-resistant work shoes are used to protect the feet from injury. For the production of construction safety, the state also sets standards for special construction work shoes. Whether these standards can be implemented and whether the work shoe manufacturers implement enough is related to the safety of production workers. .

The industry standard of anti-puncture work shoes stipulates that the work shoes are placed on the testing machine to remove nails with a tip hardness greater than 60HRC, and the testing machine applies force to the work shoes at a specified speed until the work shoes penetrate, and compare the force generated to see if In line with industry standards, the requirements for different parts of stab-resistant work shoes are different. At least 4 points are found on the work shoes for testing, and the positions of the 4 points are also clearly defined. How the industry’s rigid testing standards are implemented, and whether production workers can wear such standard-tested safety shoes is the most important and most concerned issue.

Generally speaking, the state will make qualification inspections and corresponding requirements for the nature of the business of safety shoe manufacturers at the beginning of the city, and they can be established after filing. The local industrial and commercial safety production management department will regularly check the manufacturer’s production. Professional testing of the products, once found to be unqualified and reach the unqualified rate, major penalties will be imposed on the company. For special work shoes, the mass production quantity reaches a certain quantity and needs to be reported for testing. To a certain extent, these measures have eliminated the opportunity for unscrupulous merchants to produce.

The production quality control of puncture-resistant work shoes is the same as other work shoes. It is related to the life safety of the production personnel. In addition to the strict control of the technical materials, the production process and the establishment of good industry self-discipline, the national industrial and commercial safety production management department also Strict management of the industry and ensuring the safety of production workers are production responsibilities and prerequisites.

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