anti smashing shoes

Whether in work or life, when workers use tools and carry heavy objects, their feet are usually in the posture during work. Therefore, their feet are easily injured by heavy, hard and angular objects. If personnel wear anti-smash shoes, this hazard can be reduced.


Anti-smashing shoes are a kind of labor protection products worn by hardware stamping, electroplating chemical industry, mechanical equipment manufacturing, printing and packaging, and steel and shipbuilding production workshops and areas affected by the harsh external environment. Because the anti-smashing shoes are equipped with a steel sheet of special material above the sole to prevent sharp objects from piercing the sole of the shoe and causing damage to the bottom of the staff’s feet.

Anti-smashing shoes are widely used to protect the soles of the feet to prevent being stabbed by various sharp objects. They are mainly used in mining, machinery, construction, metallurgy, logging, transportation and other industries.

The existence of anti-smashing shoes is specifically designed to resist the dangers of various heavy objects, sharp objects, high temperature, and static electricity in the workplace. It is an indispensable labor protection product in people’s lives and is safe for people’s feet. Golden shield.

The role of anti-smashing shoes determines its status in labor protection products. Therefore, workers must wear anti-smashing shoes as required during operation to promote full protection awareness and reduce labor hazards.

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