safety shoes work

This refers to the provision of various information for the director (manager) of the safety shoe factory and the leaders of the production, design, supply and marketing departments. it includes:

(1) Technical and economic analysis results;

(2) Implementation of decision-making and completion of the plan;

(3) Information related to measures and suggestions to improve the production and operation of the enterprise;

(4) The technical level and latest developments of the system and the industry;

(5) The status and status of labor insurance shoes in domestic and foreign markets;

(6) Competitor’s situation, comparative analysis with competitors;

(7) Information on corporate organization and economic efficiency;

(8) The technical and performance status of various personnel in the enterprise.

In order to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, an important part of information work is to do a good job of technical and economic analysis, that is, to conduct specific analysis of the enterprise’s technology, development indicators, production, supply, and sales. It is necessary to study the history of product development, product specification series and performance. In order to catch up with the advanced level, it is necessary to collect information about the product processing process, key equipment, test methods and instruments, and pay attention to the status of product patent applications. In the trial production of new products for enterprises, it is necessary to first comprehensively analyze the advantages and disadvantages of similar safety footwear products at home and abroad, and analyze the specific conditions of the unit, and then analyze whether the company needs to turn and how to turn, and make recommendations. It is necessary to analyze and study the enterprise management system and management methods, and put forward opinions on improving the quality of work shoes and reducing costs, so as to catch up with the advanced level of the same industry and improve the competitiveness of enterprise safety shoes products in the domestic and foreign markets.

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