MKsafety® - MK1115 - Black light weight soft elasticity steel cap sneakers

Recently, there are always users complaining that the safety shoes issued by the company are of poor quality, and they are scrapped after a month of wearing them, opening their mouths, opening the glue, and aging.

Most of these complainers work in places with acid and alkali, and the acid and alkali-resistant safety shoes equipped by their company are also qualified products produced by regular manufacturers. Generally, the service life of acid and alkali-resistant safety shoes is changed every three months, so why do they become scrapped after one month of use? This is because they forget the word “resistant” of acid and alkali-resistant safety shoes. The Chinese culture is extensive and profound. Looking up the dictionary, you can find that “Nei” means “tolerable, tolerable”. The acid and alkali-resistant safety shoes are defined by this name, which also has the same meaning.

How to choose the correct safety shoes under acid-base conditions is a mess for many people. First look at the soles, industry professionals know that most of the current safety shoes are made of PU/TPU and rubber. Under acidic conditions, PU/TPU is no problem. It has the function of anti-hydrolysis, but it will have a certain effect if it is soaked in acid solution for a long time, and it is not recommended to use it in strong acid. Under alkaline conditions, safety shoes with PU/TPU soles cannot be used because OH will speed up its hydrolysis. Under normal circumstances, PU/TPU will have a certain degree of resistance to weak alkalis, but it should be judged according to the specific situation. Therefore, the best choice is to not choose safety shoes with PU/TPU soles when working with alkaline solutions. Safety shoes with rubber soles have better acid and alkali resistance, but safety shoes with such soles are relatively heavy. And although rubber has good acid and alkali resistance, long-term use under strong acid or alkali conditions is not recommended. , Because such an environment is corrosive after all.

Secondly, the habit of “basking shoes” is also the reason for the short life of safety shoes. Acid-alkali-resistant safety shoes are relatively closed shoes. After a day of wearing them, there will be a lot of sweat stains. It is a habit of many workers to take them off and throw them outside in the sun. Although it is very comfortable to wear after drying shoes, direct sunlight will accelerate the aging of safety shoes, and sunlight will not remove the acid and alkali liquid on the shoes, but will increase the concentration of acid and alkali liquid on the shoes, which is safe for safety. The shoes cause further damage. The correct cleaning method should be to clean the acid and alkali liquids on the shoes with clean water, and then dry them, not in direct sunlight or drying.

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