safety work shoes

I believe that many people wear suede leather work shoes. Although they look good, they are very intolerant of dirt. It is easy to be infested by oil. And it’s very troublesome to take care of, so do you know how to take care of it?

First use a scouring pad to wipe in the direction of the hair. This step is to remove the surface dust on the upper. Of course, if you have a small vacuum cleaner at home, the effect will be better.

Then choose a container, pour a one-to-one ratio of white vinegar and detergent into the container, stir evenly, moisten the other side of the scouring pad and wipe it. Dry the shoes after wiping. The shoes will become clean and brand new.

In addition, 1. After buying the shoes, they must be oiled first, so as not to fade them. You can go to the shoe repair shop to buy that kind of care oil, apply it and let it dry, and it won’t fade anymore.

2. If the suede shoes fade during cleaning, be careful not to use detergent, it is best to use professional shoe powder for cleaning, and do not brush with a brush, which will damage the upper.

3. After washing the suede shoes at ordinary times, in order to prevent them from fading, they must be allowed to dry for half an hour. After the upper is dry, the shoes should be covered with newspaper for protection, and the renewer should be sprayed evenly 15 cm away from the shoes.

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