oilfield work shoes

The price of bulk commodities has continued to rise this year. As a safety shoe manufacturer, the cost of producing safety shoes has also continued to rise, and safety shoe dealers must pay close attention to purchasing safety shoes.

Since many of the raw materials used in domestic safety shoes are imported, shipping costs have fluctuated greatly this year. Affected by the epidemic, the shortage of containers has increased shipping costs.

At the same time, the raw materials themselves are also restricted. Many of the raw materials for labor protection shoes such as rubber and cowhide are imported from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India. These places have been hit by epidemics, heavy rains, and floods this year, and the products have been hit hard. Further raise the price of raw materials.

As a safety footwear manufacturer, MKsafety® has received multiple price increases for raw materials. For labor insurance shoe dealers, Laem also recommends placing an order as soon as possible, picking up the goods as soon as possible, getting the goods first, and locking the price first. With the current market of labor insurance shoes, the price may only rise, but it is difficult to fall.

Autumn and winter are the peak seasons for safety shoes. Manufacturers of safety shoes recommend that dealers prepare more safety shoes to cope with price increases that may occur at any time.

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