The thickness of any part of the outsole of low-top safety shoes is not less than 6mm

low top safety shoes

low top safety shoes

Low-top safety shoes are mainly used in machinery, construction, metallurgy, transportation, mining, transportation and other industries. They are made of steel inner toe cap; toe cap lining; leather upper; shoe eyes; shoe laces; shoe ears; shoe waist; heel leather; Moon shaped heel; shoe waist; shoe back pad; insole; inner (middle) bottom; core filling; forefoot sole and other components. Outsole thickness: direct injection pressure, vulcanized, glued outsole thickness (not including tooth thickness) is not less than 4mm; full rubber and full polymer material boot thickness is not less than 6mm, tooth thickness (pattern) is not less than Less than 3mm, the height of the teeth of other materials is not less than 2.5mm, and the thickness of any part of the shoe outsole without patterns (tooth) is not less than 6mm. Appearance quality: There must be no obvious defects such as disability, uneven color, double stitches, jumpers, broken threads, uneven stitches, open glue, over-sulfur, under-sulfur, sulfur injection, skewed inner toe caps, etc. Toe-protecting safety shoes (boots) are available in four styles: low top, high waist, half tube and high tube.

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