The usual classification of work shoe sole materials

work shoe sole materials

The materials of work shoe soles can be divided into many kinds, which are mainly classified into common work shoe sole materials and unique work shoe sole materials. So that you can choose work shoe products more strongly, then people will learn about the usual classification of work shoe soles:

1. Vulcanized rubber: hot compression molding, divided into natural rubber and regenerated rubber. The rubber-soled work shoes have good abrasion resistance, are not easy to break, have good flexibility, smoothly gather, good strength and moisture-proof.

2. TPR: A new type of high polymer shoe raw material produced and manufactured by thermosetting plastic body SBS. The protective shoes made of TPR bottom raw materials have the characteristics of light weight, comfort, good air permeability, and high compressive strength, especially cold resistance. The performance is excellent, but be aware that organic solvents such as motor oils in the car will run off the track.

3. Polyurethane material: It is made of A/B/C polyester polyurethane foam, divided into oil-soluble and water-soluble. It is a thriving organic polymer raw material with excellent wear resistance and constant flexing characteristics. , Excellent resilience, compressive strength and elasticity, is one of the most common soles of labor insurance shoes at this stage.

4. TPU material: It is converted into a new type of environmental protection material by the interaction of diisocyanate, biomacromolecule polyether polyol and chain extender. This type of labor protection shoe sole has excellent impact toughness, abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance and flexibility.

5. TR: The product that is basically improved in TPR is a composite material of tpu and vulcanized rubber. It has many appearances, good touch, bright color, high smoothness, and high-tech high school characteristics. It can be 100% purchased and belongs to Energy-saving sole materials.

6. ​​EVA: Lightweight, good elasticity, good flexibility, not easy to wrinkle, good colorability, suitable for various climates and easy to produce and process. The more EVA contains butyl acrylate, the better the elasticity of the protective shoes.

7: It is formed by EVA disposable polyurethane foam, with good flexibility, high elasticity, and good air permeability. Generally, high-top sneakers are used more.

Foot damage can be said to be the second major factor in causing safety accidents. Falling, stabbing, and falling are the key reasons for foot safety accidents. In addition, there are also electrical engineering damage and electrostatic induction damage. Therefore, the selection of labor insurance shoes is a must. Pay attention.

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