MKSafety® Co., Ltd. conducted a survey on safety shoes among 329 website members in July 2021. The survey shows that more safety shoe consumers now pay attention to fashion sense and are also quite fond of warm colors.

learned in recent reports: In addition to the performance of the shoes, most of the reasons for consumers’ dissatisfaction come from the appearance of the product. Many members complained that “can’t buy the color they want” or “the style is not good”. 74.8% of people want to have a pair of “fashionable safety shoes.” Therefore, the company published several alternative colors on the homepage, and the first place selected by voting was “red.” The long-selling safety shoe model “MPN-905” has launched a new color series for this purpose.

According to the company, the sales of warm color products have been good in the past five years. Since 2010, the sales of safety shoes with warm colors (red, yellow, orange, pink) as the design keynote have been on the rise on shopping websites. The number of orders during the year has increased by 4 times. Prior to this, safety shoes gave people a strong impression of “too simple”, but in recent years, more and more styles are on the market, and more consumers can choose fashionable safety shoes according to their own preferences.

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