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Today, cities formed by high-rise buildings have become an important symbol of “first-, second- and third-tier cities”, but cleaning and maintaining these buildings is not a simple task. The construction (structure) cleaning industry is a new industry emerging in urban development, and it also belongs to high-risk work types. A few days ago, the technical specifications for the cleaning and maintenance of building exterior walls promulgated by various localities have been implemented. This local code not only highlights the safety of “Spider-Man” who hangs on high floors for a long time and carries out high-altitude operations, it also puts forward requirements for cleaning and maintenance operations.

There are already thousands of high-rise buildings in the city, and nearly 100 companies and more than 1,000 employees are engaged in the cleaning and maintenance of exterior walls of buildings. In the past, the building cleaning and maintenance market had the characteristics of non-standard construction companies, non-standard materials, and prone to accidents. In response to this situation and the city’s accelerated increase in high-rise buildings in recent years, the city’s environmental sanitation engineering design institute was edited by the city’s city appearance. The Environmental Sanitation Association and the Urban City Appearance and Environmental Engineering Design Institute participated in the compilation of the “Code.” The construction company should operate in accordance with the “Code”, and the “Party A” who purchases the service can also check and accept the construction in accordance with the “Code”.

According to a senior person from the Urban City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Industry Association, the “Code” requires the construction unit to first conduct surveys and understanding of the characteristics of the building to be cleaned, grasp the structure of the building and the nature of the pollution, and formulate a cleaning plan after having an understanding of the current situation. During the operation, cleaning and maintenance materials with pH<4 or pH>10 and containing toxic and harmful substances such as hydrofluoric acid shall not be used. Prevent damage to the human body caused by corrosion of the building.

The “Specifications” clarify that construction workers need to wear safety helmets, protective glasses and protective gloves, non-slip work shoes, protective clothing, and safety belts. After the safety personnel have passed the inspections according to the regulations, they can carry out high-altitude cleaning and maintenance operations. Specific requirements are also put forward for the use of hanging baskets, aerial work platforms and other equipment.

In addition, before cleaning and maintenance operations, the wind at the operating point should be measured. When the wind exceeds level 5, no high-altitude operations are allowed; when the wind exceeds level 4, no single-seat spreader should be used for high-altitude operations. In rain, snow, dense fog, freezing, thunder and lightning, and when the temperature in summer exceeds 35°C and falls below 5°C in winter, cleaning and maintenance operations should not be carried out. High altitude operations are not allowed at night.

At the same time, in terms of environmental protection, the “Specification” also proposes that cleaning and maintenance operations should avoid splashing waste water, and flushing waste water should be discharged into the nearby sewage pipe; certain air pollution prevention measures should be taken during sand washing operations to avoid dust pollution; Low-noise cleaning and maintenance equipment should be used, and noise reduction measures should be taken. After cleaning, the exterior wall finishes should not retain acid, alkali, sand and other residual substances. The falling sand should be recycled and the residual liquid of the cleaning agent should be collected and properly disposed of.

At present, the City Appearance System will train employees in the building (structure) cleaning industry to strengthen their awareness of safe operations. At the same time, the City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Industry Association recommends that owners of buildings (structures) consciously choose qualified service companies to regularly clean and maintain buildings (structures) in accordance with the requirements of the “Code” to keep them clean and beautiful.

Wearing non-slip work shoes is a necessary requirement for high-altitude cleaning and maintenance operations

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