What are the advantages of breathable safety shoes for metal processing?

MKsafety® safety shoes

In the scorching summer, workers need breathable safety shoes at work. It is very particular about choosing a comfortable and safe breathable safety shoes. It needs to be considered from the quality of the shoes and the function of the shoes, so the air-permeability is safe. Shoes are indispensable protective products in operation, and there are many types of breathable safety shoes in different use environments. If you don’t wear breathable safety shoes correctly during work, you may cause serious injuries. Many people are greedy for cheap, and buying cheap breathable safety shoes will not have the effect of anti-smashing, and it will not provide protection for the safety of workers. It’s too late to regret when an accident happens. Therefore, it is better to start with protective measures to provide protection for our personal safety.

The main components of safety shoes:

1. From the perspective of shoe uppers, the more formal ones are generally natural leather, including cowhide, sheepskin, and pigskin. The cowhide is divided into the first layer of cowhide and the first layer of cowhide. However, artificial leather also exists on the market, because labor insurance shoes must be of high quality to ensure operational safety, so genuine labor insurance shoes basically do not use artificial leather.

2. From the perspective of shoe soles, rubber, vulcanized rubber, and vinyl materials are commonly used in shoe sole materials under normal conditions, and rubber soles and PU soles, EVA soles, TPR soles, etc. are commonly seen. Because of the special properties of labor insurance shoes, these materials have certain anti-skid, high temperature resistance, insulation properties, and even some materials have static electricity.

3. From the inside of the shoes, cowhide and sheepskin are used in order to breathe, absorb sweat and not fade, so that even if the shoes are heavy, they will feel comfortable. In winter, cotton and animal fur are used to keep the shoes warm. Artificial leather can also be used as the lining, but its quality is not good and the air permeability is poor, so it is less used in the labor insurance shoe industry.

The main ingredients in the Chinese market are:

1. Polyurethane is an organic polymer material, developed from A, B, C polyester materials, generally divided into two types: oily and water-based. It is often used to manufacture labor insurance shoes, high-grade leather shoes and travel shoes, etc. This kind of sole is characterized by low density, soft texture, super abrasion resistance, high hardness, good oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, low temperature resistance, shock absorption, and non-slip properties.

2. TPU is a polymer material produced by the joint reaction of diisocyanate and macromolecular polyol with chain extension. The TPU sole is characterized by excellent wear resistance and oil resistance, and the sole has high strength and outstanding wear resistance. Long-term use will not cause serious wear and tear on the soles.

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