Static electricity is actually a kind of charge in a static state. The range of electrostatic hazards is wide, and in the petroleum industry, accidents are prone to occur when oil is transported. According to the principle of the liquid medium, the liquid flows in the tube, which causes the liquid to be charged. When these charges are not easy to leak, it will cause an accident.

To reduce the hazards of static electricity, technical measures should be taken first to limit or avoid the generation and accumulation of static electricity from the technological point of view. For example, pay attention to the selection of materials or the selection of materials for production equipment; improve the operation method to prevent splashing and washing, etc., and reduce the friction speed or flow rate as much as possible; when filling the solution, first remove impurities at the bottom of the tank, and Purification of petroleum products helps reduce additional static electricity.

In an explosive and flammable environment, you need to wear anti-static work clothes made of conductive fibers and anti-static safety shoes made of conductive rubber. Only by fully understanding static electricity can the damage caused by it be avoided, and the harm caused by static electricity must be prevented. Do enough to ensure safety and move towards a safe life.

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