leather safety shoes

leather safety shoes

1. Leather work shoes have to go through a series of production lines when they are produced. When the production is completed, the maintenance of the shoes itself is almost consumed. Many people have a habit of thinking that they don’t need to worry about anything if the shoes are new, and then use them directly after they get the shoes. This is actually wrong. When you get your work shoes, you should repaint them with a layer of shoe polish. Then leave it for a day before starting to wear it, so as to protect the leather material of the shoes.

2. To develop the good habit of changing shoes frequently, work shoes cannot be worn every day, because such long-term work will accelerate their wear. If you need to wear work shoes every day, you’d better prepare two pairs and use them in turns.

3. Pay attention to the shoes when cleaning. It is best to soak the shoes with clean water for a period of time. In this way, the stains can be diluted, and then the related cleaning agent can be cleaned. Be careful not to use hot or boiled water for clean water. After cleaning, put the work shoes in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally, or use a hair dryer to dry them, and avoid exposing them to the sun or putting them in the sun.

4. It is best to maintain the work shoes once a week, and check the work shoes when they have been used for six months, and then continue to use them after ensuring that the various indicators are qualified. Of course, if the test fails, it can no longer be used. Because such shoes can no longer protect safety better.

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