What are the specialties in the design of safety shoes?

leather safety shoes

Safety shoes are a special kind of shoes, which contain high technical content, and have very strict requirements in terms of design, raw materials, production and processing, equipment, and inspection and packaging. Safety shoes are very important in the design, very particular, not so casual. So today, the editor will tell you what are the specialties in the design of safety protective shoes?

1. When designing safety shoes with a short front face, remember to add a heel and foot design to the mid-waist and rear part, so that it doesn’t feel laborious to walk, just like a strap or a small bag heel, a hug strap design, etc.

2. When designing full shoes, the front face length of the shoe must be controlled on the last surface-the door position control point. The front face length cannot exceed the position of the door, so that it is beneficial to the movement of the feet.

3. The height of the middle seam of the back upper. Except for high waist and boots, the height of the middle seam of the back upper of shoes should be controlled. Especially leather shoes, because leather shoes have a main root, if the heel is too high, it will grind your feet.

4. The height of the inner and outer ankles of the back upper. In the design of general low-top shoes, the height of the back upper must be controlled when drawing the curve of the back. Otherwise, the ankle bone will be stuck and the skin of the foot will be damaged. Pay attention that the inner ankle bone is higher than the outer ankle bone.

5. The position control of the entrance door should not be too narrow in the bending part of the instep movement, otherwise it will be difficult to take off.

6. Control the position of the posts on both sides of the sandal back upper to improve the carrying capacity of the upper to the heel.

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