What factors determine the price of MKsafety® safety shoes?

MKsafety® safety shoes

MKsafety® safety shoes are different from ordinary casual shoes. Its production process is a footwear product with high-tech content and higher protective performance than ordinary casual shoes. The entire production process of MKsafety® safety shoes has certain requirements on raw materials, processing equipment, technology and design, so the price of MKsafety® safety shoes is different compared with other brands.
1. Raw materials
The raw material of MKsafety® safety shoes is made of top layer cowhide. The surface of the material has small pores (but it cannot be seen by the naked eye). Press the leather surface with your thumb. MKsafety® safety shoes have good elasticity and will show fine skin textures. Therefore, the price is higher than other shoes made of artificial leather.
2. Protection level
The price of safety shoes is directly proportional to the level of protection, which means that the higher the level of protection, the higher the price of safety shoes. General safety shoes with anti-smashing (with steel head) function can be divided into five levels: An1, An2, An3, An4 and An5 according to the protection level of the toe. An1 is the highest and An5 is the lowest. The higher the protective performance, the higher the technical indicators of impact resistance and pressure resistance of the safety shoes, and the better the safety factor for toe protection. MKsafety® safety shoes uniformly use the An1 type of protection level.
3. Safety shoes style
The styles of MKsafety® safety shoes can be divided into three types: high-top safety shoes, low-top safety shoes and mid-top safety shoes. Generally, the price of high-top safety shoes is slightly higher than that of low-top safety shoes. The choice of safety shoes style mainly depends on the scope of protection and the climate environment. High-top safety shoes can protect the entire ankle, and can be used in winter or cold weather; low-top safety shoes can only protect the heel, and compare it to use in hot summer. The middle gang, in view of the low gang and the high gang, is more flexible in use and is liked by most people.
4. Production process
The manufacturing process of MKsafety® safety shoes is made of German imported Desma machines, which are injection-molded in one piece. If considering the process unilaterally, the price of injection-molded safety shoes is the highest, followed by adhesive safety shoes, and the price of seam-sewn safety shoes is the lowest compared to the first two. The safety shoes made of injection molding and glued seam technology are the most popular ones on the market. They are novel in style and light to wear. The soles are generally made of polyurethane materials, which have better wear resistance. The glued safety shoes are relatively traditional in style and materials. Different, the price is also different; the stitching process is generally used for inferior safety shoes on the bottom of the tire.
To sum up, the determinants of the price of safety shoes come from various aspects, but one thing is not to say that the higher the price of safety shoes, the better the protection performance for workers. The key is to look at the specific use environment and protection requirements.

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