What functional safety shoes do railway workers need to wear?

MKsafety® - MK0435 - Mid top ArmyGreen steel toe hiking style work boots

As the main artery of national transportation, railway not only undertakes the travel of more than one billion people, but also has a huge working group. While serving railway transportation, it also inevitably bears potential labor safety risks.
Especially in the field of work, the importance of protective equipment is particularly prominent. As a railway worker, wearing anti-smashing and anti-puncture safety shoes and safety helmets is a kind of responsibility for your work.
Railway construction site work is generally more complicated. Wearing anti-smashing safety shoes and helmets can effectively reduce the threats from external forces, such as being crushed by falling objects from high altitudes, crushing by repair tools during railway repairs, and so on. Because the anti-smashing safety shoes are equipped with a steel toe cap with a certain impact resistance in front of the shoes, which greatly reduces the damage to the feet caused by falling objects.
If some of the glass fragments and metal sharp objects on the railway track are not cleaned up in time, when the railway workers are not wearing puncture-proof safety shoes during the maintenance work of the railway along the line, the feet will be easily pierced by these sharp objects on the soles of the shoes. Department of injury.
MKsafety® anti-smashing and anti-piercing safety shoes are safety shoes with integrated flying woven surface. The fabric is light, breathable, fits better, and is comfortable and not stuffy. The puncture-proof safety shoes are because the steel midsole is placed above the sole to prevent the feet from being pierced by various sharp objects, and effectively protect the feet to ensure the safety of work.
As front-line employees, railway workers wear anti-smashing and anti-puncture safety shoes during railway construction operations, which can effectively protect their feet and reduce possible accidents during railway work, thereby protecting their personal injuries.
Safety is the lifeline of enterprise development. Railway labor protection products have become more comprehensive in terms of clothing, wear and equipment. While ensuring safety, they are also pursuing convenience and comfort. In the process of on-site operations, they can only be used effectively. Safety protection products, labor operations have a minimum guarantee of personal safety.

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