What is included in the personal protective equipment of coal mining enterprises


What kind of personal protective equipment coal miners need to be equipped with in production operations is organized as follows according to the “AQ1051-2008 Coal Mine Occupational Safety and Health Personal Protective Equipment Provisioning Standard”. There are a total of eight categories of personal protective equipment for occupational safety and health for employees in underground coal mines, above coal mines, coal washing and open-pit coal mine operations.

1. Head protection

1. Rubber safety helmet, FRP safety helmet

All types of work in coal mines

2. Plastic safety helmet

People working in coal mines and open-pit coal mines

3. Work hats, women’s hats

Some types of work in coal mines, open-pit coal mines and coal preparation plants.

2. Respiratory protective gear

1. Dust mask

All types of work in underground coal mines exposed to dust, some work types in coal mines, coal preparation plants and open-pit coal mines

3. Eye and face protective gear

1. Anti-impact eye protector

Anti-impact glasses, goggles and face shields

Selection of some types of work in coal mines and coal preparation plants, eye protectors for coal miners in underground coal mines

2. Welding eye protection

Welding goggles, welding masks, equipped with electric welders for mine workers, coal mines, open-pit coal mines: large equipment maintenance fitters,

3. Chemical goggles

Chargers, underground explosives distributing workers and gunpowder management workers

4. UV goggles

Equipped with open-pit coal mine

Four, upper limb protection

1. Cloth gloves

Equipped with some types of work in coal mines and coal preparation plants

2. Line gloves

Equipped with some types of work in coal mines and coal preparation plants

3. Dipped gloves

Equipped with underground coal mine, coal mine above, open-pit coal mine staff

4. Dipping gloves

Floating and sinking test worker in coal preparation plant

5. Anti-vibration gloves

Coal miners, tunnelers, and underground drillers in coal mines; drivers of air compressors and exhaust fans in coal mines

Open-pit coal mine, open-pit perforator, rocker driver, driller

6. Acid and alkali resistant gloves

Equipped with charger

7. Insulating gloves

Electrician, mechanic, driver in underground coal mine surface coal preparation plant

8. Welding gloves

Electrical and mechanical maintenance workers in coal mines, large equipment maintenance fitters in open-pit coal mines, and water pump maintenance workers

9. Elbow pads

Equipped with coal miners for thin seams in coal mines

Five, lower limb protection

1. Rubber surface anti-smashing safety shoes

Equipped with some types of work underground in coal mines

2. Industrial and mining boots

Some types of work in coal mines and coal preparation plants

3. Protective rubber shoes

4. Acid and alkali resistant rubber boots

5. Insulating rubber boots

6, cloth socks

7. Leggings

8. Knee pads or knee pads

Six, hearing protection

Earplugs, earmuffs

Equipment scope:

Underground coal mines: coal miners, fully mechanized miners, tunnelers, blasters, electric locomotive drivers, car operators, and underground drillers.

Coal mine: electric locomotive driver, compressed air driver, exhaust fan driver, waste picker.

Hearing protection products are mainly used by people in the working environment where the noise A level is above 85db. When wearing earplugs affects safety, it is prohibited to issue earplugs (covers).

Seven, protective clothing

1. Ordinary work clothes for miners

2. Luminous vest

3. Labor protection raincoat

4. Acid and alkali resistant apron

5. Cotton top

6. Fleece pants

7. Autumn clothes

8. Leather jacket

9, leather pants

10. Waistguard

11. Cotton vest

8. Cold-proof products

Cotton coat, cotton pants, cotton coat, cotton rubber shoes, leather coat, leather hat, leather gloves and cotton shoes

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