MKsafety® - MK0581 - High top brown suede leather men's steel toe combat boots

Safety shoes are a specific branch of footwear, mainly defined as shoes that protect the feet from injury. Although not used as frequently as safety helmets and protective gloves, safety shoes are also a major category of labor protection products. After 50 years of development in China, China’s export volume of safety shoes currently ranks first in the world, but industry experts It is generally believed that we are a big exporter of safety shoes, but by no means a strong exporter, mainly because of the low technological content and added value of our products.

What is the current development status of my country’s safety footwear industry

The safety footwear industry used to achieve rapid development with low labor costs and loose national environmental protection policies, but now the international and domestic environments are quietly changing. China’s safety footwear market has reached a crossroads, and where to go is life and death. Most of China’s safety shoes are still in the production stage of basic models with very low technical content. The medium and high-end products account for only a small proportion and are basically used for export. Basic shoes have low profits and are extremely sensitive to labor and material costs. With the continuous rise of raw materials and labor costs, many small businesses that cannot sustain themselves have fallen in the fierce profit war, and others can only be reduced. The quality standard is barely enough.

At the same time, the country’s efforts to protect the environment are increasing, and the cost of pollution prevention and control by enterprises has also risen, which is even worse for enterprises. Although the domestic safety footwear market is very large, because domestic companies are not very enthusiastic about labor protection, most companies are unwilling to spend too much money on employee protection, so the high-end safety footwear market is relatively sluggish, while foreign markets are very enthusiastic about China. The demand is mainly for low-priced low-end products. Therefore, safety shoe companies have insufficient incentives for technological innovation. In the long run, Chinese safety footwear companies will fall into an overwhelming situation with rising costs, lose their price advantage, and lose their market share. If domestic demand cannot keep up with the advantages in the international market, a large number of safety shoe companies will die.

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