What is the difference between safety shoes and ordinary shoes?

leather work boots

From the point of view of the place of use: most of the places where safety shoes are used are in special operating places such as electroplating workshops, construction sites, laboratories, and large-scale machinery manufacturing plants, but ordinary shoes are basically used for walking, shopping and Offices and other public places where there is no safety hazard.

From a design perspective; safety shoes are mainly used to protect the wearer’s feet. Therefore, the primary factor considered at the beginning of the design is safety, while ordinary shoes consider features such as beauty, comfort, fashion, and lightness. In order to cater to the needs of consumers. The difference between safety shoes and ordinary shoes is also reflected in the characteristics, applications and other related aspects. Therefore, we must not use ordinary shoes as safety shoes in construction. We should consider the actual conditions such as work and working environment, and choose safety shoes of the appropriate size to ensure our own safety and health.

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