What is the focus of safety shoes in the design?

safety shoes

Safety shoes belong to a relatively unique kind of boots, which have high technological content, and have very strict regulations on design, raw materials, manufacturing, machinery and equipment, and testing and packaging. Safety shoes are very critical in designing, paying great attention to them, and not so random. So today, the editor will tell you what is the focus of safety shoes in the design?

1. When designing safety shoes with a short front face, keep in mind that the mid-waist and back parts should be designed to lift the heel and feet, so that you don’t feel strenuous when walking, such as miscellaneous belts or bag heels, foot-holding straps, etc.

2. When designing full shoes, the length of the air intake grille of the shoe should be manipulated on the surface of the last-the datum point of the door. The length of the air intake grille should not exceed the part of the door, so that it is beneficial to the foot. Department of fitness exercises.

3. In addition to high waist pants and boots, low-top shoes should control the height of the middle seam of the back. It is very leather shoes. Because leather shoes have a main root, if the heel is too high, it will grind the feet immediately.

4. The inner and outer ankle heights of the inner and outer ankles of the back heel are generally designed for low-top shoes. When designing the general low-top shoes, you must control the height of the back heel.

5. The curved part built in the instep fitness exercise should not be too narrow, otherwise there will be no way to take it off.

6. ​​Manipulate the uprights on both sides of the sandals’ back to enhance the ability of the heel to the heel of the shoe.

Protective shoes belong to a high technological content. From the design, raw materials, machinery and equipment 2, when designing full-top shoes, it is only beneficial to design the reference point on the last surface. When designing short-top shoes immediately, outline the back-top curve diagram for fitness sports Fitness exercise pair shoe heel

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