What is the scope of the three packs of footwear products

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Details of the “Three Guarantees” service for footwear products: Three Guarantees Period: within 7 days from the date of purchase by the customer (that is, from the date of purchase indicated on the sales voucher), three months for sports shoes made of all-leather fabrics, sports shoes made of non-leather fabrics The three guarantees for shoes and casual shoes are one month.
1. Return: within 7 days from the date of purchase by the customer (that is, from the date of purchase indicated on the sales voucher), if it appears that the shoes are not worn due to improper selection, the new shoes do not match, the sizes are different, and the goods can be returned smoothly. , Exchange.
2. Replacement: During the three-guarantee period, if the following problems occur, the replacement will be provided:
(1) Those who have broken bottom, cross section, broken heel, and broken gang due to normal use can be returned.
(2) Under normal use, if the same part is repaired twice and still cannot be used normally, the repair record and certificate package should be used to return and replace.
3. Warranty: Within the warranty period, if there are problems with glue opening, disconnection, disconnection, or face-off under normal use, free repairs can be given with the sales certificate. (Note: After the warranty period expires, consumers can provide repairs based on the sales vouchers of the sellers, and our company will charge the basic cost.) During the warranty period, if the shoes are broken, the bottom is broken, the leather surface falls off, For serious quality problems such as desizing, consumers can enjoy the guaranteed return policy, and merchants should return the goods at the original selling price.
During the “Three Guarantees” period, if there are other quality problems in the shoe, such as opening the glue, opening the thread, or dropping the root, the merchant will repair it for the consumer free of charge. During the three guarantee period, if there are still quality problems with the footwear product after two consecutive repairs, it should be replaced. If the consumer does not require replacement or there is no replacement of the footwear product of the same style and price, the merchant should give the consumer a return. When returning the goods, the merchant can charge up to three thousandths of a daily depreciation fee.
During the “Three Guarantees” period, if consumers question the texture of the shoes and believe that they are not in conformity with the nominal purchase, they can go to the technical supervision department for quality evaluation. The evaluation fee will be prepaid by the consumer. After the evaluation, if the shoes are confirmed The product has quality problems, and the appraisal fee shall be borne by the merchant. At the same time, merchants should give consumers a return or exchange.

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