What kind of safety shoes are qualified?

safety shoes

1. The types of safety shoes are divided into non-slip safety shoes, acid and alkali resistant safety shoes, anti-puncture safety shoes and anti-smashing safety shoes. In the non-slip safety shoes, the non-slip sole material must be used, and the anti-slip coefficient of the sole must be tested during the test. Once the inspection fails, it cannot be put into use.

2. The main function of safety shoes is to prevent acid and alkali from corroding the feet. The key point to be tested here is the pH that the shoes can withstand. First detect the material of the shoes, and then observe the changes of the shoes in the acid-base solution. If the shoes quickly corrode, they cannot be put into use.

3. The detection of anti-puncture safety shoes needs to be carried out with the help of a detection machine, and nails are installed on the machine. Perform a puncture test on the shoes separately, and test the maximum strength that each place can withstand. In combination with the specified requirements, if each value meets the requirements, then it can be passed. If there is a place where the value is unqualified, it is unqualified and cannot be used.

4. Safety shoes mainly detect the strength of safety shoes when a heavy object is dropped, and the standard strength is usually one thousand and one hundred N. If the maximum strength of the shoe is less than this value, it means that the shoe does not meet the standard.

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