What should I do if my feet hurt when I wear work shoes?

Wearing work shoes is a very common symptom of foot pain and grinding. On the one hand, because the labor insurance shoes are not breathable, wearing such shoes is easy to cover the feet, causing foot pain. In addition, if the shoes are not suitable, there may be Squeeze feet, so foot pain symptoms. When this happens, first, the more breathable shoes can be changed, because leather shoes and sports shoes can be worn, which can relieve pain.

However, many people who wear work shoes and safety shoes cannot choose to change their shoes at this time because of work reasons, so we can solve the problem of wearing labor insurance shoes and foot pain by passing on some thick socks. So there is a small coup is that smearing a little Vaseline can also solve the problem of joint pain, and another small coup is to spray some pain reliever spray or pain reliever in the area of foot pain.

Of course, the solution to the pain of wearing work shoes is to change to a pair of safety shoes or a pair of comfortable work shoes. I think Shanghai Anbang safety shoes are a good choice here. Shanghai Anbang’s safety shoes are very comfortable and worth choosing.

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