What should I do if my feet hurt when wearing safety shoes?

Some people wear safety shoes for a long time because of various reasons, their feet feel pain and feel very uncomfortable, so what are the reasons for this? Logically speaking, it is impossible for us to wear shoes that cost a few hundred dollars to be worse than the shoes that we usually buy for dozens of dollars a pair! Let me tell you why.

1. When we bought safety shoes, we bought fake products and used some inferior materials to make huge profits, but this is very rare. We just need to pay attention to whether the brand of shoes can be found on the Internet when buying safety shoes. That’s it, under normal circumstances, as long as you can find the quality of the shoes, the quality is guaranteed.

2. When buying safety shoes, I didn’t choose the right shoe size for myself. There are some differences between work shoes and the shoes we usually wear. For example, in terms of shoe size, some anti-smashing and anti-piercing labor insurance shoes They are all added with steel heads and steel plates. Even if the impact of steel heads on shoes has been reduced as much as possible, we still cannot avoid them completely. This will cause us to choose to buy larger ones when we buy such functional shoes. One size of labor insurance shoes, if the size of the shoes we buy is not suitable, our toes cannot move well because of the steel head, which makes us feel squeezed, and we will feel foot pain after a long time.

3. The safety shoes produced by some manufacturers only consider the functionality of the shoes, but do not consider the comfort of the shoes. Now many manufacturers have begun to develop some more fashionable safety shoes. Considering the requirements of customers for the appearance and comfort of shoes, new types of safety shoes are constantly being produced.

The above is the reason why my feet hurt when wearing safety shoes and the solutions I have summarized for you. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. …

Author: Nicole

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