What should I do if my work shoes get wet from rain?

maintenance of work shoes

The maintenance of work shoes should start from usual. Most leather safety shoes have a certain waterproof function, but if you wear them on rainy days, you must first apply shoe polish and spray with waterproof mist. Shoe polish is not as much as possible. Excessive shoe polish not only cannot be absorbed by the leather, but it can also be counterproductive and wet the protective shoes again.

After the work shoes are wetted by rain, make proper disposal immediately so that the shoes will not be deformed and moldy. After the general work shoes are soaked in rain, if they are left there for a long time, they will easily become moldy. If you want to keep the shoes from moldy, it is recommended to give the wet work shoes several maintenance steps:

1. First use a cloth with good water absorption to absorb the moisture on the surface of the shoes. Do not wipe too hard, the attached dirt will scratch the skin of the shoes, so special attention should be paid.
2. Put newspaper or toilet paper into the working shoes, and replace them more so as to completely absorb the moisture.
3. If it is half dry, put the shoe last to prevent it from deforming, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry it in the shade.
4. After it is completely dry, follow the general maintenance method.

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